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We partner with leading solar, technology and finance companies, to support our teams in North America, Europe, and APAC. Together with local community organisations, this eco-system helps us make solar truly accessible.


Using UNITY sensors for large grid-scale projects across EU & other bids, IBM and Sunified are also engaging with global thought leadership around crypto anchors, including IEEE and standardisation of blockchain for energy and the internet for energy protocols.

Working with Industry engagement around blockchain for energy, IEEE Workshops are presenting our UNITY sensor and Sunified platform as a robust industry standard with which to utilise blockchain’s advantages of immutability, proof of origin and energy trading.

Integrating into the RDDL Network - Sunified’s UNITY sensor will interoperate with Riddle & Code’s ‘MyPower gateway’ to enable any blockchain or DLT protocol to operate on any smart solar park infrastructure. This important collaboration makes the UNITY sensor agnostic technology for maximum uptake and impact.

Not for profit foundation backed by the Dutch Government and European Union to establish energy tokenization. Engaged in building our go-to-market model through their 14 industry partner alliance, using Sunified technology for the tokenization of energy on the blockchain.

Strategically working with Sunified on a Rack Terminal Unit (RTU) for Smart Solar Parks. They have also created a reference design for EV charging that uses our UNITY sensor to track electrons from generation to vehicle, ensuring drivers are charging with accredited green energy.

Working with Sunified on a proof-of-green-energy protocol for the assurity of green electrons for hashing rigs and bitcoin mining #SunifiedBTC as well a heat recovery system extracting industrial heat for 3rd party usage.

Working with Sunified to define and build a market for Granular Certificates that enables energy users to verify the source of their electricity and carbon credits in real-time. Sunified’s technology will be one of the first platforms to generate EnergyTag’s Time-based Energy Attribute Certificates (T-EACs) from individual solar panels.

VIBEcyber is partnering with Sunified to develop UNITY’s cyber-security layer with IoT and Edge Authentication, using advanced Identity-Based Encryption. This applies to devices, protocols and endpoints: i) Harden UNITY crypto anchor sensor, ii) Enable IBE for wireless & ML protocols and iii)VIBE-enable the Sunified Edge Gateways.


Using our technology for market entry into the German Commercial and Industrial Solar marketplace. UNITY provides a special financial and property rights benefit with an accelerated depreciation schedule for German investors on the Catena platform.

The Technology University of DELFT’s ‘The Green Village’ project is a field lab for cutting-edge sustainable innovation in the urban environment. Sunified’s technological involvement in this exciting opportunity has been sponsored by the Government of South Holland.

A U.S based Sustainable Development company, funding some of the most technologically advanced, energy efficiency projects in the marketplace. VGG is investing in both Sunified’s IP and Smart Solar Park projects, including utilising UNITY sensors throughput their large-scale projects globally.