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A new generation of energy

The technology solution powering utility‑scale solar.
Digital, transparent, profitable.



The time for renewables is now. We know the world is ready, and so are we. Our solutions accelerate this urgent transition, at scale.


Our platform and sensor hardware makes every solar panel a smart panel. We remove the industry’s strongest barriers with robust and honest data.


Electron tracking provides proof of origin, while granular, panel-level data is captured in real-time, under real-world conditions.

Data is verified at the source, secured through unhackable crypto-anchors and is viewable 24/7 on the cloud.

Our encryption and blockchain technologies protect our data and unlock API potential for entire ecosystems.


Solution benefits



25% Increased lifetime efficiency of solar parks

Granular performance data makes operation and maintenace for solar parks faster, easier and cheaper.


Finance made accessible

Transparency of data and our unique commercial model unlocks huge pools of finance. Economies are enriched through streamlined capital formation.


Rich, unhackable data

Crypto anchors and blockchain technology makes data safe and transparent. Our platform is encrypted to safeguard data inputs.


Every electron, verified at the source

Verified energy origin brings clarity, certainty and relief for stakeholders. Data can be viewed 24/7 on the cloud.


Reliable data for easy decision making

Integrity of information supports grid operators to better balance infrastructure. Data becomes a tool for trust at every level of the supply chain.


Value for stakeholders

For park developers

  • 35% reduced upfront capital cost
  • Increased profitability
  • Warranty transparency
  • Fast access to funding and insurance

For financiers and insurers

  • Operational transparency
  • Enhanced security
  • De-risked technology exposure
  • Streamlined funding process
  • Verified, immutable data
  • 24/7 asset performance visibility

For park operators

  • Granular, real-time performance data
  • Ability to quickly trace the source of O&M problems
  • Tagged carbon tracking
  • Increased asset performance

For community

  • Financial support for local sustainability initiatives
  • Education opportunities through co-located parks
  • A pathway to buy solar panels through fractionalised ownership

Our unique, de‑risked financial model


Capex –> Opex. We reduce the capital cost of solar parks by 35% and make solar energy immediately profitable.

We remove the upfront capex costs associated with solar park development, with our module-as-a-service offering. By providing finance and insurance packaged with our technology, solar parks become 35% cheaper to build.


Sunified Smart Solar Parks


To showcase our technology, we are constructing our own network of 5MW smart solar parks on Australia’s east coast.

A large network of small solar parks will unite to form a virtual power plant, safe from curtailment, with no grid upgrades required.

Our robust infrastructure thrives in the harshest of conditions, bringing true green energy to those who couldn’t normally access it.

Locked in costs - at parity - makes switching easy for retail customers.



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