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A new generation of energy

The technology solution empowering utility‑scale solar.
Digital, transparent, profitable.



Our technology digitises solar, making every solar panel a smart panel. With our miniature UNITY deeptech sensor hardware, embedded into PV panels, we are set to revolutionise how green electricity connects and transacts with the world.


With our big data, machine learning & AI, we will help scale the industry for all stakeholders with increased efficiency, profitability and transparency.


Electron tracking provides proof of origin, while granular, panel-level data is captured in real-time, under real-world conditions.

Data is verified at the source, secured through unhackable crypto-anchors and is viewable 24/7 on the cloud.

Our encryption and blockchain technologies protect our data and unlock API potential for entire ecosystems.

Sunified - TECH_diagram



Sunified technology benefits



Turnover increase with 6-8%

Cost reduction, improved maintenance and higher output.


Faster ROI for utility-scale assets

Through increased turnover and decreasing risk, financial institutions become less reluctant to finance. 


Protecting valuable assets

Data protected by encryption and blockchain technology.


Accurate PV panel level monitoring

Real-time monitoring of each PV panel and constant optimisation of energy production.

Data reliability

Facilitating decision making

Supporting solar park operators, insurers, PV panel manufacturers and other stakeholders.

Proof of Origin

Immutable green signal

Sunified generates high-fidelity data-sets from the PV panel, the source of green energy generation.


Stakeholder value

PV Panel manufacturers

  • The opportunity to scale
  • Track and trace PV panels
  • See PV panels "live" in the field
  • Boost sales through competitive advantage

Park developers

  • Tracing panels from factory to site
  • Test panels before installation
  • Easily settle insurance claims
  • Panel specified performance check

Financiers and insurers

  • Check Proof of Asset
  • Understanding of assets' bankability
  • Easier providence of assets wrap policy
  • Claim verification for faulty equipment or damage
  • Live-rating on park production
  • Historical data for re-financing

Park operators

  • O&M savings
  • Higher solar output
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced insurance premiums

Sunified sites


Sunified Smart Solar Parks - A network of 5MW solar parks, embedded with UNITY technology on Australia's east coast.

Port of Rotterdam - Sunified's technology is part of an innovative high-frequency decentralised energy market on the Port's microgrid.

Technology University of DELFT - The green village. Trialling Sunified technology as part of a village of the future. 





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